• Q01 :  Do you certify translations? more
  • Yes. We are accredited translators of America, Canada and Australia. We offer certified translations from English into Chinese and Chinese into English in the US, Canada and Australia.

  • Q02 :  How can I tell if you’re trustworthy? more
  • To tell a professional translation firm from a not-so-professional one, you may wish to consider the following criteria:

    In all, the more a translation firm meets the above criteria, the more it is likely to be trustworthy.

  • Q03 :  What is your background in language? more
  • We are a Hong Kong-based language service provider accredited by language / translation authorities in America, Britain, Australia, Canada as well as China. Our firm was co-founded in 2000 by Mr. Peter Fan, who has 39 years’ ongoing experience in translation (click to know more about our strengths and our qualifications ).

  • Q04 :  How many linguists do you have? more
  • We have over 30 linguists working closely in our offices worldwide, supported by an extensive network of freelance copywriters, interpreters and translators in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and some English-speaking countries.

  • Q05 :  What kind of language services do you provide? more
  • We specialize in translationeditingcopywritingtranscriptioninterpretation and most other language solutions. Tailor-made services can be provided to cater for specific needs.

  • Q06 :  What kind of documents do you specialize in? more
  • We translate a wide variety of documents ranging from corporate finance projects, legal documents to government papers, business materials for internal and external uses, and many more. We excel in handling large-sized projects. Please visit our winning list of clients from different industries or simply contact us to know more about how we can help.

  • Q07 :  What is your daily output? more
  • We have 30+ full-time and regular part-time linguists at your service from Mondays to Saturdays. Depending on the nature and technicality of documents, we can handle about 60,000 to 120,000 words round the clock. This output can always be enhanced with the support of our part-time linguists and freelancers upon request.

  • Q08 :  Will my assignments be contracted out? more
  • No, not if you insist. We are neither operating as an intermediary nor earning our living on the difference between the amounts we charge clients and we pay freelancers. We have over 30 full-time and regular part-time linguists to handle most of your assignments in-house. However, under certain circumstances, we may need the support of our regular freelancers, mostly when there are unexpected deadline crashes or we need to draw on the expertise of our freelancers.

  • Q09 :  Is confidentiality guaranteed for my documents? more
  • Yes. We do handle confidential and/or price-sensitive materials every day. All full-time staff and freelance linguists have signed a binding agreement with us on confidentiality, as we have done the same with our clients. On top of guarantee on paper, we have a Chinese wall system in place – a series of segregation measures that forbid translators in different projects to know what others are doing. In extreme cases where strict confidentiality is needed, our translators can work at clients’ designated locations with all external communication cut off for a period of time.

  • Q10 :  How much do you charge for your services? more
  • Translationediting and copywriting are normally charged per word or per page, depending on the complexity and turnaround time of the source text or subject matter. Transcription and interpretation are priced on per-minute and on per-day bases respectively. Please call our customer service officers at (852) 2531 3113 or (852) 2531 3128, or send us an email at marketing@yaoshun.com.hk for a quotation.

  • Q11 :  Do you offer express services? more
  • Yes, we operate round the clock from Mondays to Fridays (i.e. 24 X 5) and, where necessary, on Saturdays and public holidays. This is one of the safest ways to shorten turnaround time without compromising quality, consistency and accuracy.

  • Q12 :  Do you use translation software? more
  • We make use of Trados or ChatGPT if need be, when it comes to corporate financial (CF) documents that call for a high degree of consistency within a tight schedule.  In the case of non-CF documents, especially those require originality or creativity in translation, we prefer human drafting and human vetting.

    Neither translator software nor AI technology available today is well developed enough to render English into Chinese and vice versa to a professional and printing standard.  Humans remain the core in the whole process, as every piece of translated text at Yao Shun is vetted by experienced human translators before submission.

  • Q13 :  What is the difference between translation software and translation memory? more
  • Considerably different. Translation software translates automatically without human effort. Unfortunately this often leads to inorganic and wrong translation. We never do that. A translation memory does not translate. Rather it simply digs out identical or similar phrases from existing or previous documents, so as to help a human translator to produce a more consistent and speedy translation.

  • Q14 :  Can you produce different versions of translations targeting mainland China, Hong Kong and even Taiwan? more
  • Be rest assured — we are experienced in producing different versions of translations targeting every major Chinese community, particularly mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Actually our core members are two of the very few Hong Kong translators with dual memberships in Hong Kong Translation Society and the Translators’ Association of China.

    Up to the time of writing, there has been no mutual recognition system in translation between Hong Kong and Taiwan. So our translation targeting the Taiwan market is edited by a network of native linguists before submission.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions about our background, qualifications or services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (852) 2531 3113 or (852) 2531 3128, or email us at marketing@yaoshun.com.hk.

  • Chartered Linguist<br>CIOL,United Kingdom

    Chartered Linguist
    CIOL,United Kingdom

  • Fellow<br>CIOL, United Kingdom

    CIOL, United Kingdom

  • Certified Translator<br>NAATI, Australia

    Certified Translator
    NAATI, Australia

  • Senior Member<br>Translators Association of China

    Senior Member
    Translators Association of China

  • Certified Translator<br>ATA, United States

    Certified Translator
    ATA, United States

  • Certified Translator<br>STIBC, Canada

    Certified Translator
    STIBC, Canada

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