5-Country Qualifications

5-Country Qualifications

Some of our linguists are members of language authorities/bodies in five countries, namely US, UK, Canada, Australia as well as China. With such membership in multiple countries, they can provide certified translation of Chinese and English documents for emigration, study and employment purposes and more.
Since late 1990s, Yao Shun has been offering certified translation services for corporate and individual clients alike. Clients prefer to work with us because we offer one-stop service under the same roof – our translated texts and translation certificates are well accepted by the authorities concerned in different countries mentioned above.

  • Chartered Linguist<br>CIOL,United Kingdom

    Chartered Linguist
    CIOL,United Kingdom

  • Fellow<br>CIOL, United Kingdom

    CIOL, United Kingdom

  • Certified Translator<br>NAATI, Australia

    Certified Translator
    NAATI, Australia

  • Senior Member<br>Translators Association of China

    Senior Member
    Translators Association of China

  • Certified Translator<br>ATA, United States

    Certified Translator
    ATA, United States

  • Certified Translator<br>STIBC, Canada

    Certified Translator
    STIBC, Canada

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