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•  指某類或某種人,粗俗的稱呼:如美國佬、英國佬、鬼佬、四川佬、差佬、豬肉佬、肥佬、傻佬、衰佬、鄉下佬、高佬、大隻佬
•  成年人( 或中年人 ),與( 年青人 )相對
•  男人,與(女人)相對
•  兄弟、朋友之間的稱呼,如大佬、細佬



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不知怎的,有一天在電台錄音室,忽然一個子在腦海中跳出來:Joe。隱隱約約記得/感到,此字除了是普通常見的男士名字(Joseph的縮寫、暱稱)外,還好像泛指男人(其他同義的有bloke, guy, chap, fellow),不知怎的,總覺某感覺(引起的聯想反應與情緒)竟與「佬」不謀而合。愈想愈似。 於是大費周章遍查字典辭典,果然如此:


an adult male human being

Synonyms bastard, bloke [chiefly British], buck, cat, chap [chiefly British], chappie [British], dude, fella, fellow, galoot [slang], gent, gentleman, guy, hombre, jack, joe, joker, lad, male

Related Words master, mister, sir; buddy, buster

North American informal
•  1 an ordinary man: the average joe
•  2 [mass noun] coffee: a cup of joe


noun informal
•  1coffee.
       [ 1940s: of unknown origin]

•  2an ordinary man: the average joe


(sometimes lowercase) Informal. fellow; guy: the average Joe who works for a living.
Informal. a personification of a typical, often unprepossessing representative of an occupation, personality trait, state of being, etc., that is expressed, sometimes metonymically, as a mock surname: Joe Lunchbucket working hard at some factory and paying his taxes year after year; political con artists relying on the gullibility of Joe Schmo.
a male given name, form of Joseph.


Joe [dʒəʊ]
n (sometimes not capital) Slang
1. US and Canadian a man or fellow
2. US a GI; soldier

(出處) Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Chicago Term for greeting a person or calling someone if you don't know their name. Even if you do know their name, you still call them joe.
What's up Joe.
Man, Joe, we went to this juke party last night...

A Chicago based slang term taking the place of a person's real name. Commonly used when a person knows your name but you dont know theirs.
Mark: Man Joe you trippin'
Mark: Wass up Joe
A Man's name. A shortened version of the name Joseph. Simply the greatest name ever. Only the smartest, most athletic, best looking, coolest and all round greatest guys are called Joe.
My name is Joe. You know that means i rule!

(出處) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=joe

二話不說,告知客戶,這就是最心水的建議:「holo good Joe」。
(如果你未知道,「好佬唔易做」就是筆者受命主持的新節目,2013年4月27日開始每逢星期六中午12.15到2.00香港電台1台直播。電郵郵址 holo@rthk.hk。)

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