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1. (a) To call to engage in a contest, fight, or competition.
    (b) To invite with defiance; dare.

2. To take exception to; call into question; dispute.

3. To order to halt and be identified, as by a sentry.

4. Law To take formal objection to (a prospective juror).

5. To question the qualifications of (a voter) or validity of (a vote).

6. To have due claim to; call for.

7. To summon to action, effort, or use; stimulate.

8. Immunology To induce or evaluate an immune response in (an organism) by administering a specific antigen to which it has been sensitized.


To make or give voice to a challenge.

To begin barking upon picking up the scent. Used of hunting dogs.

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• She challenged his claims.
    × 她挑戰他的說法 。
    √ 她質疑他的說法 。

• This is a challenging task.
    × 這是一項具挑戰性任務。
    √ 這是艱鉅的任務。
    √ 這個任務實在艱鉅

• The illegal immigrant was challenged by the border guard
    × 非法入境者被邊防警衛挑戰
    √ 非法入境者遭邊防警衛查驗身份

• America reacted irrationally to the challenge of Russian power.
    × 美國對俄羅斯的權力的挑戰非理性地作出反應。
    √ 美國對俄羅斯軍力的威脅反應有欠理性。

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